Survey condition regarding self- caring of children suffering from diabetes type 1 and It�s relation with family reaction

Vasli, P and Eshghbaz, F (2009) Survey condition regarding self- caring of children suffering from diabetes type 1 and It�s relation with family reaction. Journal of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences, 19 (69). pp. 38-44.

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Background and purpose: Diabetes type 1 is a chronic disease in children during their childhood, which may have unfavorable effects on children, family and society. By enhancing self- care in children having diabetes type 1, we can reduce these effects. Self- care in children also can be affected by factors such as family reaction. The purpose of this research is to determine the relationship between self-care in diabetic children and their family�s reaction. Materials and methods: This research is a non- experimental and correlative study which determines and specifies the relationship between diabetic self- care in children, who are affected by diabetes and their family�s reaction. 133 children between the ages of seven to fourteen suffering from diabetes type 1 were chosen with above continuous method for two months from selected centers. Collecting information, observation and questionnaire forms were used. Results: The results obtained from this study, showed there is a meaningful relationship between child's self- care and reaction of their family (p=0.000). Variants such as age, sex, rank of birth and length of disease period are not considered as an interfering element in relation between self caring and family reaction. Conclusion: The results from this research reveal that the self caring of children in an average level has a direct influence and relationship with family reaction and at the same time, the direct and strong correlation with the diabetic child�s knowledge regarding their functions and performances. We suggest that educational programs should be provided for these children and their families, in order to promote self caring of children and their family�s reaction. We also propose conducting similar research, by using case- control method, to identify other factors in this regard.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Diabetes Type 1, children, self-care, reaction, family
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