The role of Na+-K+ - ATPase rate dependent properties of ehanolic extract of urtica dioica root on isolated rabbit

Khuri, V and Nayebpoor, S.M and Mirabasi, A and Azadbakht, M and Salehi, A (2007) The role of Na+-K+ - ATPase rate dependent properties of ehanolic extract of urtica dioica root on isolated rabbit. Journal of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences, 17 (61). pp. 20-29.

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Background and Purpose: Previous studies have demonstrated the cardiovascular effects of Urtica dioica (Nettle) such as anti-hypertensive, and negative inotropic effects on heart . The effects of plant on atrioventricular node has not been explored yet.Inhibitory Na+-K+-ATPas pump has been shown ny U. dioica . The aims of the present study were: 1) to determine concentration-dependent effects of ethanolic extract of nettle on the nodal basic and functional properties. 2) to campare mechanism of action nettel with ouabaine and verapamil. Materials and Methods: This was an experimental study. Male New Zealand rabbits (1-1.3 kg) were used in all of the experiments Various experimental stimulating protocols (Wbcl Recovery, Facilitation, Fatigue) were applied to assess electrophysiological properties of Node. We used isolated perfused AV-nodal preparation (n=18). All protocols were repeated in the presence and absence (control) of different concentration (0.2-0.4 g/l) of Nettle, verapamil (0.1μM) and ouabaine (0.25μM). Results were shown as Mean ± SE and a probability of 5 was used to indicate statistical significance. Results: In the presence of Nettel, significant increases in WBCL (150.7± 4.3 to 180 ±15.2msec), AVCT (44±2.5 to 54±1.7msec), ERP (125±13 to 149 ±20.6msec) and magnitude of fatigue (�AH) 6 ± 0.9 msec were observed. The nettel has less inhibitory activity than verapamil, such as ERP of Nettel was 40 of verapamil. Also, Nettel had similar electrophysiological effects in regard to ouabain. Conclusion: In the present study, negative dormotropic effect of extract, Citrus bigaradia of Nettel, was observed on the isolated AV-nodal preparation. The same electrophsiological trend of ouabain and Nettel, may indicate the role of Na+-K+-ATPas pump in the deppresant effect of Nettel.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Functional properties, AV-Node, Arrhythmia, Urtica dioica root
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