The effect of HDL-cholestrol on acute myocardial infarction (AMI)

Hadian, KH and Mohseni, A and Mokhberi, V (2001) The effect of HDL-cholestrol on acute myocardial infarction (AMI). Journal of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences, 11 (30). pp. 59-62.

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Background and purpose : �oronary diseases are the main cause of mortality in the world. Though many risk factors are described up to now, but there are unknow causing factors to be found out. This research was designed in order to determine the plasma level HDL relationship with acute myocardial infaction in the patients admitted in ��� of �mam khomeini hospital in Sari, in 1998-1999. Materials and Methods : This study was an analytic method performed on 100 referring patients. The test group comprised of 50 patients, whose �M� was confirmed by who criteria, while admitting in ���. 5ml Blood was drawn from all the confirmed cases 8 hours of admission. blood was centrifuged and plasma was separated by an expert technician. Total cholestrol, trichdyceride and glucose were ,easured, HDL-cholestrol was assayed enzymatically with �H�D-P�P. Fifty patients in �ontrol group were the referrals who seemed to be normal and were match for the age, sex, cigarette smoking, diabelies, family background hypertension, plasma cholestrol and tryglyceride. Finally the data were analyzed by descriptive and student T test. Results : �n the group there were 37 males and 13 females, the mean for the age, blood pressure, glucose, level, total cholestrol, triglyceride, HDL-cholostrol, in the test and control groups were as follows, 60 ± 4 and 59 ± 6 years old, 101 ± 11 and 100 ± 8 mmHg, 128 ± 12 and 117 ± 18 ml/dl, 206 ± 59 and 202 ± 49 ml/dl, 171 ± 94 and 214 ± 122 ml/dl, 37 ± 10 and 41 ± 7 ml/dl respectively. The latest showed statistically significant difference (P<0.05). �onclusion : �onsidering the low level of HDL-cholestrol, which is a probable eisk factor independent of the other risk factors known for the ischemic heart diseases. The routine measarement of HDL level is recommended. �n case of a low plasma level, an effective therapeutic methods such as taking routine exercise, giving up cigarette smoking, weight loss and implementation of pharmacological agents in severe reduction of the level in blood plasma is recommended.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: HDL-cholestrol, Risk factors, Myocardial infaction
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