Appetizing Effect of Gentiana olivieri Extract in Children with Anorexia

Nayebi, Elham and Azadbakht, Mohammad and Zamanfar, Daneil and Karami, Hasan and EnayatiFard, Reza and JafariKokhdan, Azizollah and YazdaniCherati, Jamshi (2016) Appetizing Effect of Gentiana olivieri Extract in Children with Anorexia. Journal of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences, 25 (133). pp. 58-66.

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Background and purpose: Gentiana olivieri Griseb is a famous species in Gentianaceae family. G. olivieri is native to Iran, and grows mainly in the western regions of the Zagros Mountains. Thinking over the importance of proper nutrition in child�s growth and lack of proper appetizer in pharmaceutical market, preparing an effective herbal product was considered to increase appetite in children suffering from growth failure and malnutrition. Materials and methods: A case control study was performed in which the plant�s root extract was used to prepare hydroalcoholic product (2.5) and its appetizing effect was evaluated in children. Fifty children with anorexia were randomly divided into two groups to receive either the hydroalcoholic extract of the Gentiana olivieri or a placbo at the dose of 2.5 mg/kg/day for two months. Variables such as weight, height, waist, consumed calories, and hunger VAS score, liver enzymes fluctuations and some blood biochemistry tests were also monitored. Results: The average age of cases and controls was 56.12 and 56.64 months, respectively. Before treatment, the mean weight in both case and control groups was 13.130±1.56 kg and 13.010±1.27 kg, respectively that changed to 14.275 ± 1.69 kg and 12.962± 1.16 kg after a month and 14.550±1.54 kg and 12.814±1.22 kg, respectively two months after the intervention. Significant effects were seen on received calories and VAS score. Conclusion: The product was found to have significant effect on weight, food intake and VAS score compared with placebo.

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