Biological Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide by a Biofilter with a Bed of Polyurethane Foam and Palm Fiber

Hasanzadeh, Vajihe and Alipour, Vali and Goodarzi, Babak and Rahmanian, Omid and Dindarloo, Kavoos and Heidari, Mohse (2017) Biological Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide by a Biofilter with a Bed of Polyurethane Foam and Palm Fiber. Journal of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences, 27 (147). pp. 276-290.

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Background and purpose:The emission of hydrogen sulfide (a malodorous and toxic pollutant) into the atmosphere is considered a public health concern due to its potential hazardous effects on human health. Therefore, the removal of hydrogen sulfide from polluted air streams is of paramount importance. This study aimed to evaluate the role of a polyurethane foam/palm fiber-based biofilter in the removal of hydrogen sulfide. Materials and methods:Air stream containing H2S was introduced into the biofilter at a flowrate of 7 L/min and an empty bed retention time (EBRT) of 47 seconds. The inlet and outlet concentrations of H2S were measured. Moreover, the amount of sulfate and pH in bed, leachate from the biofilter and pressure drop along the biofilter height were monitored. Results:In this study, the biofilter provided 100 removal efficiency for inlet H2S concentration of 288.0 mg/m3 at EBRT of 47 seconds. The maximum elimination capacity (ECmax) of the biofilter was 24.1 g/m3.h at a loading rate of 28.0 g/m3.h, corresponding to a removal efficiency of 86.1. As the elimination capacity of H2S increased the sulfate content of packing bed increased to 10.8 mg/g bed and the pH reduced to <2.1. The pressure drop along the biofilter column remained <5 mm throughout the operational period. Conclusion:The polyurethane foam/palm fiber mixture could be considered as a potential biofilter carrier, with low-pressure drop, to treat air streams containing H2S.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: biofiltration, hydrogen sulfide, pressure drop, polyurethane foam/palm fiber
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