Association of FCγRIIA (CD32) polymorphism with susceptibility to brucellosis

Hosseinikhah, Zahra and Bahadori, Zohreh and Rafiei, Alireza and Hajilooi, Mehr (2014) Association of FCγRIIA (CD32) polymorphism with susceptibility to brucellosis. Research in Molecular Medicine, 2 (3). pp. 17-22.

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Background: Brucellosis is the major bacterial zoonoses of global importance caused by Brucella spps. FCγRIIA receptor plays a central role in phagocytosis of IgG2-opsonized bacteria. FCγRIIA exhibits allelic polymorphisms with different capacities for binding IgG2 and phagocytosis. Cells expressing Fc γ RIIa-H131, bind more efficiently to complexes of IgG2 than those expressing the Fc γ RII A -R131 variant. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the association of FCγRIIA polymorphisms with susceptibility to or severity of brucellosis. Materials and Methods: In this study, we evaluated FCγRIIA polymorphisms (R/R131, R/H131, H/H131) in 67 patients with brucellosis and 67 age, sex and geographical matched healthy volunteers. FCγRIIA genotyping was performed by using a sequence-specific primer polymerase chain reaction (SSP-PCR). Results: The comparison of the FCγRIIA genotypes distribution in patients with brucellosis and controls showed a higher frequency in FCγRIIA-R/R131 homozygosity in patients than controls (47.8 vs. 28.4). Logistic regression analysis showed that there is a significant correlation between R/R131 genotype and brucellosis (OR=2.3, 95CI=1.3-4.2, P=0.04). Although the frequency of the FCγRIIA-R/R131 was higher in patients with chronic brucellosis compared with acute brucellosis, we did not find any statistically significant differences (53.8 vs. 46.3, P=0.65). Conclusion: The result of this study showed that the homozygous genotype of FCγRIIA-R/R131 in patients with brucellosis may be associated with susceptibility to brucellosis as a genetic risk factor.

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