Protective Effect of Methanol and Hot-water Extraction from Trametes versicolor on Ethanol-induced Liver Toxicity in Mice

Shokrzade, Mohammad and Habibi, Omran and Abbasi, Ali and Makhlugh, Maryam and SadatHosseini, Aneseh and Poolaee, Safie (2015) Protective Effect of Methanol and Hot-water Extraction from Trametes versicolor on Ethanol-induced Liver Toxicity in Mice. Journal of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences, 24 (121). pp. 141-151.

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Background and purpose: Alcoholic liver disease (ALD) such as alcoholic steatosis, hepatitis and cirrhosis are complex multistep chronic diseases reported in many animal studies. Chronic alcohol consumption induces hepatic oxidative stress due to increased generation of reactive oxygen species and/or reduced antioxidant capacity. Trametes versicolor belongs to the more advanced Basidiomycetes class of fungi that grows on tree trunks throughout the world. The aim of this study was to investigate the hepatoprotective effect of methanol and hot-water extraction from Trametes versicolor. Materials and methods: Trametes versicolor was collected and maceration extraction was performed. The extraction was then powdered through freeze drying. This study was performed in 20+5g weight male mice that were randomly divided into 8 groups (n=4 per group). Different doses of extract were gavaged for a week. Finally, liver tissues were removed for measuring Glutathione (GSH) level and blood samples were taken for determining AST, ALT and ALP levels. Results: There were statistically significant differences in GSH and ALT, AST, ALP levels between the groups receiving Ethanol + different doses of extracts and Ethanol. No significant differences were found in GSH and liver enzymes level in the group receiving Ethanol + methanol and hot-water extract of Trametes versicolor 200 mg/Kg compared with the normal group. Conclusion: The results showed the antioxidant effect of investigated extracts on hepatotoxicity of ethanol in mice. These extracts can return GSH concentrations to normal levels and protect liver cells from damage and increase of AST, ALT and ALP enzyme levels.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Mice, Trametes versicolor, liver toxicity
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